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A combination of Incas Cuisine with European and Asian Cultures and Traditions, Pesca Bistro opens its doors to cook and serve what we love and enjoy the most, Peruvian Food. With Jose Draganac as a Head Chef and well knowledge of his very own family's recipes, we assume humbly the challenge with new ideas, we promise not to change the original flavors even when using new ingredients and methods.

Buen provecho!!!

We breathe and live Peruvian cuisine

A Peruvian food has been trending in the past few years and now the South American import is hitting our area with this new contemporary restaurant. “We wanted to let people know about Peruvian cuisine. It’s so much more than the basic dishes,” says Chef Jose Draganac who co-owns the restaurant with Wilson Rodriguez, who’s originally from Ecuador and has 20 years in the business. Pesca offers a fresh spin on Peruvian cuisine with a seafood-centric menu and décor that transports you to the beach. Giant tilefish murals cover the back wall and an oversized sketch of a vintage Peruvian stamp enlivens another wall. Nautical lanterns hang from pulleys and the floor is so glossy it looks wet. At the center of the space, there’s a large u-shaped bar with high-top tables on one side and regular tables on the other. Dishes are served in pottery imported from Peru. A raw bar overlooks the open kitchen.

We use the finest and freshest ingredients
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